Mechnic Gloves

Which materials to  choose for your  gloves?

Which materials to choose for your gloves?  EOLE PARIS
  • Knitted gloves

Knitted gloves are among the cheapest gloves. For good reason, these accessories do not support wear. If despite these negative points you want to get some, choose a well-tightened mesh reinforced with leather.

  • Silk gloves

Silk gloves are preferred at a grand banquet or ceremony.

These accessories embellish a glamorous outfit.

This material is used by women. Nevertheless, men have the opportunity to wear silk with an elegant suit.

In addition, the combo leather and silk is to banish.

  • Woolen gloves

Certainly, this fiber provides thermal comfort.

However, wool tends to retain moisture.

Unlike wool gloves, acrylic mittens do not retain moisture.

  • Cotton gloves

For an official ceremony, think of white cotton gloves.

These accessories are suitable for both young and old.

Especially since these objects marry perfectly with a black suit.

In addition to their aesthetic appearance, their therapeutic function also seduces.

Cotton gloves treat sensitive hands or subject to some superficial injuries.
Mechanic Gloves are also best in cotton staff.

  • Leather gloves

There is cowhide, pork, deer and sheep leather. These materials are used to make cheap but aesthetic gloves.

Lamb and goat leather produces soft gloves.

Nevertheless, these accessories are marketed at a high price.

Peccary leather gloves remain the most popular because of their resistance.

Leather gloves best kind of Driver Gloves

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