Softshell jackets are designed for (very) sporty outdoor use in winter. They are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and weatherproof.

Assuming that you are physically exhausted and sweaty, then a softshell jacket is recommended.

And of course, it’s “soft”, so that means the softshell jackets, in contrast to a winter parka, have a softer upper so that the movements are in no way limited.

Softshell jackets are very comfortable and ideal for mountain hiking, running, ice climbing or more extreme snowshoeing in fine weather. Especially the regular running is very healthy, also . And if these activities are among your favorite pastimes, you’ll love softshell jackets. It does not matter whether you stock up on the next best outdoor shop or the designer .

Are softshell jackets suitable for the winter?

Yes, but they are designed for a very specific niche and generally are not enough.

Softshell jackets do not have to be expensive, but in a way are an added luxury to the winter wardrobe.

Parka vs softshell jacket in comparison

Because as a everyday all-round companion in the winter wonderland softshells are not recommended, as you can see from the above description. You should definitely buy a winter parka. Or a rain jacket, because softshells are neither one nor the other.

The differences at a glance

  • Winter parkas and rain jackets are water repellent, softshells not.
  • Softshells are more breathable and much more flexible and comfortable.
  • Parkas and rain jackets are wind resistant to a certain degree, softshells only very limited.
  • Parkas and rain jackets offer more protection from wind and weather less weight.

Winter onion method

But a softshell is wonderful as an additional layer. In other words, softshells will satisfy a very specific niche in the outdoor world. They are designed for all outdoor sports activities that are outside the classic winter sports.

In other words, when you are exercising, the jacket should not be restricted in its breathability. But as soon as you come to rest, you should also wear a down jacket or a parka, so as not to cool down.

I save the comparison with classic fleece jackets, because these are really not helpful in the winter outdoor area. Too fast, the jacket would be soaked and heavy. Wind is not really something contrary.

But why not buy a classic windbreaker?

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