There are many scissors for trimming the cuticle and nails on the market. Almost all of them are made to work in the right hand. What is the difference between the scissors for the right and left hand? In ordinary scissors, if you hold them up with the tips, the right half is on top and the blade of the right side covers the left. On the scissors for the left hand the opposite.   

When you work with ordinary scissors with your right hand, your fingers anatomically press the rings so that the scissors blades press against each other. The left hand is symmetrical all the way around and if you work with your left hand with ordinary scissors, your fingers push the rings in the opposite direction and the blades, on the contrary, move away from each other, because of which the scissors will not cut. On the left-handed scissors, the halves are fastened differently, and by squeezing with the left hand, the blades are pressed against each other and they will cut even if they are loose. In addition, working with left hand scissors for left-handers, due to the fact that the blades are opposite to the usual, it is more convenient to cut the Cuticle Scissors, as the lower blade will not interfere with the cut. It is trite to trim the nails with ordinary scissors with the right hand on the left, besides the fact that the nail can wrinkle, blade thickness prevents free access to the nail plate. With left-handed scissors, it will be much easier and more pleasant for all left-handers to work, earn and live in general)).

 We produce left-handed scissors from 2015 onwards. Before that, they could only be ordered outside of Russia or from some masters. In any case, I have not found it and have never before seen a manicure scissors for my left hand.

 Now we have positions of scissors for lefties with different lengths of scissors and blades, with different shapes and ergonomics.

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