5 natural health tips for every day

5We asked a number of health advisers to provide their favorite health-related tips.

We are of the opinion that these advisors are all in their field and we would therefore like to give them a chance to share some of their knowledge with us through this route. We hope that you can enjoy these tips and that they can also provide a lot of practical and useful information for you.

We have summarized the tips in a top 5 list:

1 . Are you struggling with problems getting to sleep quickly? Then turn off all the electronic devices (including the TV!) And all the bright lights in the house two hours before you go to bed. prefer a good book instead.

2. Cook at your leisure and without much fat at a low temperature. If you cook food in a slow manner and at a low temperature, you retain all the useful nutrients.

3. Consider eating healthy food in function of a classic five-week working week. This means that you eat as healthily as possible during the days of the week, and that you add some margin for the occasional small sin in the weekend. So eat healthy five days a week and take the belt off for two days.

4 . Do you need a snack? Then try eating 3 or 4 stalks of celery. It will help you curb your appetite without compromising your diet.

5. Did you know that brushing your teeth also helps to curb your appetite?

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